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Friday, January 04, 2013
Film of 2013
Posted by Dhamina Mistry

At FUSSED we are interested in all aspects of art and design, from the famous to the obscure, from the weird and wonderful, from fashion to fine art and all inbetween. Continuing on in the talent countdown, we predict who we think will be the Film-Makers to look out for in 2013.

Laura Thies

First on this list is independent film director Laura Thies, whose 2012 feature film Surviving Family won the Viewers' Choice Award at the Indie Gathering Film Festival.  The film centres around Terry Malone, a woman whose chance of settling down with the man of her dreams is marred by her family’s history. The film explores themes of alcoholism, death and a tragic secret that could tear the family apart
See the trailer at:
Conrad Milligan

A group of film production students from Bournemouth collaborated to produce this next entry. Directed by Conrad Milligan, “A visit to the Tank Museum” evokes a ‘night at the museum-esque’ feel to promote the Tank Museum in Bournemouth. They aimed to show that museums can “fire the imagination and bring the past to life.” The film was so successful that it was shortlisted for the New Forest Film Festival Short Film competition, and another film is currently in discussion.

Alex Bohs

American film-maker Alex Bohs is a little known independent writer/director/editor from Chicago.  With a firm following, Alex is starting to establish himself in the world of Film.  His short film “half” was screened at the 48th Chicago International Film Festival and has won 4 independent film awards.
Ariel Kleiman

Up and coming producer Ariel Kleiman is an Australian film-maker currently based in London. His short film Deeper than Yesterday is a hauntingly beautiful film evoking a “sense of claustrophobia and hyper [masculinity] induced knife-edge tension.” It has been hugely successful in the film industry having won 5 independent film awards, most recently the Leeds International Film festival Jury Prize Short Film competition.
View Deeper than Yesterday here:
Simon Cartwright and Jessica Ami Cope

This directing duo has recently had an incredibly successful run, their most famous short film “The Astronomer’s Sun” has been shown in 70 festivals, and won 6 independent film awards including the Leeds International Film Festival Yorkshire Short Film Competition. The film is a beautifully directed stop motion animation about a man and his mechanical bear, who “visit an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his father on a magical journey.”